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The Andorra Supercar Rally

has become

The Supercar Tour !

The Supercar Tour Logo-7.png

10th - 15th June 2024
Italy - Slovenia - Croatia


A unique experience with like-minded people

Discover a rally experience like no other, where personalisation and unforgettable moments take center stage. Welcome to 'The Supercar Tour' by Andorra Supercar Rally, where our mission is to craft the most exceptional motoring week of your life, filled with cherished memories and new friendships.

Immerse yourself in a 5-night 'holiday on wheels' designed for both petrol-heads and travel enthusiasts. Throughout the rally, you'll indulge in luxurious stays at the best hotels and savor a selection of the finest cuisines. Beyond the exceptional accommodations and gourmet delights, prepare for an array of fun events and activities carefully planned to enhance your journey. That's not all — be prepared for some delightful surprises that will add an extra touch of magic along the way!

Join us for an extraordinary adventure, whether you have a passion for high performance cars or a love for exploration, the 'Supercar Tour' promises an unmatched and unforgettable adventure that will leave a lasting impression on your heart.


The Supercar Tour videos

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