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About us

Welcome to the exclusive world of 'The Supercar Tour' by 'Andorra Supercar Rally,' where our passion for Motorsport and Supercars unites like-minded individuals from all over Europe, including the UK & Andorra.

Whilst many of our members are proud owners of one or more Supercars, we emphasise that Supercar ownership is not a prerequisite for joining our fraternity. What truly matters to us is one's genuine passion for high-performance motor cars and the sheer joy of driving them!


Each year, we organise a highly anticipated Supercar Tour that connects us to handpicked European destinations. It's an experience like no other, where we not only get to drive the fastest and most exceptional supercars on the planet, but we also indulge in the finest accommodations with dining at top-tier restaurants. The rally is carefully planned with an array of specially organised activities and events, making it an unforgettable occasion reserved for a select few.

To ensure the utmost quality and control, we intentionally keep the number of Cars & Rally Participants low, ensuring an intimate and exclusive atmosphere.

We extend a warm invitation to you, and welcome you to our world of Supercars and Motorsport. Join our esteemed Club and become part of an extraordinary journey that celebrates the true essence of high-performance driving and camaraderie.

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