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Previous Rallies and Events

Every year, The Supercar Tour, previously the Andorra Supercar Rally endeavours to curate a fresh and unique event. Embracing our core rally idea and philosophy, we embark on exciting journeys to different locations, ensuring that both first-time participants and regular attendees enjoy an unparalleled experience.


Beyond our flagship rally, we take pride in organizing intimate gatherings within the captivating landscapes of Andorra exclusively for the Supercar community. These smaller events provide a special opportunity for enthusiasts to come together and celebrate their shared passion for these remarkable vehicles.


Be a part of our thrilling annual adventures, where we continuously push boundaries to deliver unforgettable moments for all Supercar enthusiasts, regardless of your level of experience. Join us and be part of an extraordinary automotive journey like no other.


Andorra Supercar Rally 2021

Andorra - Monaco

In 2021 the Andorra Supercar Rally left it's home in Andorra and headed through the Pyrenees mountains, through France and the beautiful French countryside via some amazing venues to finish with a bang in Monaco

Andorra Supercar Rally 2022

Cannes - Ascona

The 2022 edition of the rally took us from Cannes and the amazing cote d'azure down the Italian coast and up to Switzerland via Monza. Sun sea and mountains, plus some great stops along the way. 


Andorra Supercar Rally 2023

Péniche - Algarve

In 2023 the rally started in Peniche on the coast above Lisbon and made it's way south through Portugal to the Algarve. An amazing route and amazing activities!


Andorra Supercar Rally Cars&Coffee


Andorra Supercar Rally organises every month or so a Cars&Coffee open to all supercar owners. Held in Andorra it is a chance to catch up, go for a drive and talk all things cars. If you would like to join our Cars and Coffee Group, please email us at the email ID shown below.... Thank You!

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